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Alaskan Snow Dog: The Crossbred Alusky

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015


A Siberian Husky bred with Alaskan Malamute is referred to as an “Alusky”. This Alaskan snow dog creates such best traits gathered together. They are agile and remarkably loving. Due to its endurance and strong stamina, it could be considered as vigorous. Features may be wolf-like and its ears are quite largely erect. Though it can quiet, it is amazingly good with children, outgoing and overly cute. Furthermore, these dogs are laid back, which make them incredibly good with other dogs and even cats. Take note, that you should not leave this hybrid Alaskan snow dog alone. It will turn into a destructive and stubborn one. Whenever they’re bored, they opt to excessive digging and chewing. Though this kind of dog can be affectionate and loyal. It loves to often interact with its master. Socialization if highly recommended and can be brilliant when started early. One significant thing that should be considered is your tone, harsh and loud voices are not good for Alaskan snow dogs that are hybrid. For its appearance, it could take a Malamute look or Husky feature but its eyes will be blue in color.  Life expectancy usually is ten to fifteen years.

aluskyFor grooming, it suggested to have daily brushing on fall and spring seasons. This is due to heavy shedding, while the coat remains to be clean and neat for the entire year. It is not that hard to groom this kind of Alaskan snow dog. Always bear in mind that bathing is necessary and even ear cleaning, so that you can keep it free from infection. Like any other Alaskan snow dog, keep this breed in cool climates or at least prepare a well air-conditioned room and always use cool water. An Alusky is quite energetic and lively, so it may need an area to run around. You can take a jog, run or maybe just a long walk. However, it is important to keep in mind not to over exercise them in warm climates.

As mentioned previously, this Alaskan snow dog is remarkably trainable and amazingly sociable. It is under the responsibility of the master to build activities for his pet. People who have never experienced having dogs should not get an Alusky as their pet. This crossbreed Alaskan snow dog always strives to give its keen interest. To tame this kind, you as a leader should be fully confident, consistent and firm. Due to their excellent memory, you can develop tons of training methods. When it comes to being sociable, they equally interact with anyone of any age. And due to their playful nature, you will definitely enjoy their company. You may see them as adorable and lovable. To add more, their kind originated from a tribe of sled dogs and they will always be one in their hearts and souls. Alusky has been recognized by the breed registry of America. This has been a successful combination of best genes of two Alaskan snow dogs. It is amazing to note that only the best traits of the two breeds were preserved.