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Alaskan Snow Dog: The Playful Siberian Husky

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015


Famously referred to as “working sled dogs,” this Alaskan snow dog is compact and strong. Its head is medium in size and is proportional to its body. The muzzle has an equal length with its skull and has a stop that’s well defined. Depending on its coat, the nose may carry the same color. However, you may see black in coats, could be flesh-colored for dogs that are pure white. The eyes are medium in size and oval in shape, could be spaced moderately and appear to be a combination of amber, brown and blue. It’s interesting to know that the eyes could be blue on one side and brown on the other. Ears, are  erect  and is shaped like a triangle. Teeth meet and display a scissor bite. This Alaskan snow dog’s tail is seen carried right over its back and forms a sickle curve. But, it ceases to form a curve when its excited. Feet, are large and hairs can be noticed between toes. This keeps the dog warm and able to grip on ice. The dewclaws are removed sometimes. Coat is doubled and could withstand colder temperatures. Colors include pure white and black, could have markings or none on its head. Moreover, the coat could have a combination of patterns in colors.


aladdin-siberian-husky-04Considering its temperament, this kind of Alaskan snow dog is playful, gentle, happy-go-lucky and loving. It’s so fond with its family. Social, docile, keen or casual, this dog could be high in energy, especially during its early years. In addition to that, this dog is so good with the children and often friendly with the strangers they meet. Therefore, you cannot count on them to become your watchdog since, it barks so little and particularly loves everybody. This Alaskan snow dog is remarkably trainable and intelligent. It doesn’t obey commands from humans who appear to have stronger minds than it does. The handler must show leadership, so this dog will see the point of obeying.


On the other hand, you need to be very patient during training, greatly understand the character of Arctic dogs and have consistent ways. Take note that if you are not confident, firm and consistent, this Alaskan snow dog will take charge displaying a mischievous and willful character. Furthermore, this dog can be the perfect companion in jogging, however, make sure that it won’t be too hot. Being a little difficult to housebreak, it gets easily bored. Do not leave it alone without a huge deal of exercise prior. Be sure to give mental exercises as well, they can be somewhat destructive when left lonely. In addition to that, this dog likes to roam around and explore. For people who are very much willing to invest time and effort to these lovely creatures, they will turn to be the most incredible companions. Like any other Alaskan snow dog, they should be raised preferably in cool climates. If not, adequate shades and air conditioned rooms should be provided.