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Snow Dog: The Loyal Alaskan Malamute

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015


Among the Alaskan snow dogs, the Alaskan Malamute is larger than the others. Its prominent feature would be its plumed tail that usually is held over its back. This well-built, thick dog has erect ears and a wide head. For the eyes, you may notice that they are medium in size, could be small at times, dark brown in color with projects and almond shape. The latter are placed obliquely in the skull. Furthermore, this dog pretty much looks  like a wolf but it carries a sweet yet proud expression. It has a huge pair of feet and would definitely need tough pads in each snowshoe. Combination of colors commonly include black, white, wolf gray , sable and red. Expect some darker highlights while legs are almost white.


Moreover, this Alaskan snow dog is ultimately loyal and incredibly intelligent. Its affectionate and often sweet towards its master. Children, those who are old enough, can surely play with it safely. When its canine instincts are greatly satisfied, it will gain the maturity of a wonderful mellow adult dog. In addition to that, it can’t be treated as a guard dog because it’s too friendly. If it gets the companionship that it needs, this dog can be seen as the happiest. However, it also enjoys staying indoors with its master.


alaskan-malamute-in0the-winter-forest-wallpaperOn the other hand, if this Alaskan snow dog will not be trained mentally and physically, it can be a nuisance that’s quite destructive. Thus, it can act like a big rambunctious puppy. You may have to face circumstances, wherein one dog ruins your entire living room with furniture that costs thousands of dollars in an hour. Though, some find it difficult to handle and train, this kind of Alaskan snow dog can earn formal obedience and because it loves to please its master, it will not be hard to make them as well-mannered as possible. Males of this type can become very dominant. Another interesting fact about this Alaskan snow dog is that it can become a consistent, confident and firm leader with the help of its master.


When it comes to food, this breed needs less, but if you offer more, it tends to eat more, which can lead to obesity. Expect it to be quieter than the other breed but it likes to dig and howl. Due to their strong prey instinct, it needs supervision when placed near small animals that are unfamiliar to it. In conclusion, it is highly recommended to give some training for obedience. Because there are Alaskan Malamutes that became well known for raising kittens.


The coat of this Alaskan snow dog allows it to withstand cold conditions. Whenever the climate is hot, do not forget to keep them cool. Always secure plenty of water that’s clean and cool. Give your Malamute the necessary exercise that it needs, but be sure to not exhaust them when the weather is warm. Temperature and climate should be taken into consideration in raising this dog. Lastly, expect it to be odorless and clean.