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How to Train an Alaskan Snow Dog?

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015

         Alaska has quite a harsh landscape; thus, the biting cold temperatures and the constant snow fall have produced some of the toughest living things on the planet. One of these is the Alaskan snow dog. Sometimes referred to as huskies or malamutes, these dogs were initially bred to pull sleds of Alaskan inhabitants across the snowy terrain.

         The typical Alaskan snow dog has abundant amounts of thick, soft fur that comes in all sorts of colors ranging from black and white. Their plentiful fur, strong builds and big, piercing eyes often give them a majestic appearance. Recently, people have also begun to take in these dogs as pets, and the said owners often wonder about how to train an Alaskan snow dog.

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         Because of the unique purpose that they were originally bred for, caring of an Alaskan snow dog requires a bit more effort. However, if you know how to train an Alaskan snow dog properly, they often prove to be the most loyal canine pets:

  • Start training your husky as a puppy. The younger you start training your Alaskan snow dog, the easier it will be for it to pick up on things. To begin, keep the puppy on a long leash in an enclosed area, such as your backyard. Allow the dog to wander around the compound and then call him by his name. You can also call him out using a phrase like “Come, (dog’s name)?”
  • Keep a few tasty treats handy during training. A few slivers of chicken meat are a good place to start. Whenever the puppy responds to his name or runs to you when called for, you can reward him with a treat. This serves as positive reinforcement for the sort of behavior that you want the dog to exhibit.
  • Train your dog when he is in a relaxed mood. This is usually the case when your puppy has had a fair bit of moderate exercise. Playing a few rounds of fetch with your dog ought to do the trick if you want to warm him up before a training session.
  • Keep the training time to no more than ten minutes at a time throughout the week. After this time has passed, gradually wean your puppy off the treats by praising him only when he does as you say or comes upon your summons during training. This is one effective way to get the dog accustomed to doing as it is bid even in the absence of tasty treats.
  • Limit your dog’s opportunities to run free. As a puppy, your Alaskan snow dog may be presented with a chance to run free and once he has given in to this, he will mostly likely enjoy it and try to do it repeatedly. It would be best to prevent as many instances of this as you can while the dog is still young so that he does not grow up being prone to running off while out with you.